LinkinPath: a web-based interactive exploration tool for pathway analysis

Pathways are functional units resulted from the interplay of interacting genes, RNAs, proteins and small molecules. Mapping genes or proteins into the context of pathways can help gain more insights into their functions and interactions in an organism. Although sequence similarity based methods have been commonly used for identification of pathways to genes/proteins based on their orthologous genes/proteins annotated in the well-characterized pathways, these methods have limitations such that some best hits may not necessarily be annotated in any pathway. The incorporation of additional data such as protein-protein interactions and enzymatic reactions can help infer the pathways and their interconection and uncover the biological function of genes/proteins. However, the information regarding the connections between pathways through molecular interactions and reactions are not included and adequately represented to support the exploratory analysis in most pathway mapping tools [link].

Our paper has been selected for highlighting on the A-IMBN Research website

Our paper “LinkinPath: From Sequence to Interconnected Pathway” that appeared recently in Bioinformatics has been selected for highlighting on the A-IMBN Research website, an online journal that highlights the best research published by researchers in the Asia-Pacific region. The publication is jointly produced by the Asia-Pacific International Molecular Biology Network (A-IMBN) and NPG Nature Asia-Pacific. Please access at [link].

NVI, new mobile application for accessing the news and basic knowledge about vaccines

NVI is a new mobile application offered by the National Vaccine Institute, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand. NVI is designed for users to easily access news and basic knowledge about vaccines. Its key features include:
– Access the latest news and upcoming events from the National Vaccine Institute’s RSS feed
– Record the events into calendar and set the alarm for the event
– Create, calculate and notify the vaccination schedule for multiple people. For example, enter your kids information to keep track which vaccinations they have received and when the next one is due.
– Access to official vaccination calendar
– View and post comments via NVI’s Facebook
– Send email to the National Vaccine Institute
This app is available for both iOS [link] and Android [link] platform.