The J2ME (JAVA 2 Platform, Micro Edition) technology has been applied to develop a plot-based survey application, called Mo-SingTO, running on the PalmOS-based devices for conducting repeated census of trees on research plots at Mo-SingTo site, Khoa Yai National Park, Thailand. Unlike other softwares, this application is not a paper tally sheet template, but an integrated tree inventory and mapping system that can help increase the efficacy and reliability of the data collection process.









Oral Presentation:

  • E. Pacharawongsakda, S. Ingsriswang, A. Nathalang and W. Brockelman, “Mo-Singto: A Mobile Integrated Data Logging and Mapping System for Study of Forest Generation”, Proceedings of the IUFRO (International Union of Forest Research Organizations) Conference on Applications of Statistics, Information Systems and Computers in Natural Resources Monitoring and Management, Taiwan, June 7-11, 2004.







Mo-SingTo Features:

Mo-SingTo software is designed specifically for the KVM (Kilobytes Virtual Machine) on Palm Tungsten C. It gives users full control over all quadrat or plot parameters and an automated procedure to allow tree location and distance checks in the local grid coordinate space at the time of data entry in the field. Tree attributes including species, diameter and stem status are also easily recorded into the handheld database via this software. The tree distribution on plot corresponding to tree location and diameter will be plotted with three different combinations of color and size when completing the information of each tree. After a survey round, user can synchronize the tree data from the Palm database into Microsoft Access database on the desktop computer via the Palm Hot Sync Manager®. It is also possible to extend the capability of this software to collect other relevant data so that the context such as lianas information within the plot can be collected effectively along with the tree data.