iCollect: An Enhanced Solution for Biological Resources Management

iCollect is a software to support the laboratory’s inventory management of biological collections at BIOTEC. iCollect is designed with highly customizable, configurable and user-friendly interface to allow users to

  • create any type of sample containers and storage devices,
  • store any type of samples and collections,
  • graphically view the content of all levels of storages,
  • generate and print barcode,
  • easily aliquot/derive/extract any number of samples and
  • search any information in a collection

Using the barcode assigned by iCollect, users can easily find a sample’s position in the storage, and add a sample to a selected storage position. The in and out movement of samples in the storage are recorded and tracked for audit trail. Moreover, the graphical tree view of the samples can be used to trace the aliquot/sample back to its original parent.

iCollect has been designed to support multiple-collections and multi-user environment. It was implemented to run on Windows platform using Microsoft VB. Net and MySQL.



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