Microbial Information Management System (MIMS)

MIMS is designed and implemented for the management of information on natural product chemistry, biological activities and the biodiversity of microorganisms. The key features of MIMS include the storage of specimen-related information and the processing and integrating of bioassay data and field biology/ecology data to allow scientists to search for samples and activity relationships.

MIMS consists of six modules designed for separation tasks in laboratory

  • MIMSmy is developed to support researchers in Mycology Laboratory in collecting, isolating and identifying the microbes from the field.
  • MIMScc is a bio-banking module, which mainly supports activities at the BIOTEC Culture Collection including collection, preservation and distribution.
  • MIMSba and MIMSenz are to support bioactive compound screening and enzyme screening tasks respectively.
  • MIMSfe provides features to keep track in growing microorganisms at various conditions and scales .
  • MIMSbr is to facilitate chemical profiling, verifying and identifying of chemical structure for natural product discovery.

All modules provide the customizable features including inventory and storage management, sample management (i.e., tracking request/supply, assay/lab results) and security controls.


1) Screenshots of MIMSmy

2) Screenshots of MIMScc

3) Screenshots of MIMSfe

4) Screenshots of MIMSba

5) Screenshots of MIMSenz