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What is C-mii ?

  • C-mii (A software for Computational miRNA identificaion) is specially designed and developed for identifying plant microRNAs and their targets.
  • C-mii pipelines are based on combined steps and criteria from previous studies [1-11] and also incorporated with several tools such as standalone BLAST [12] and UNAFold [13] and pre-installed databases including miRBase [14-15], UniProt [16], and Rfam [17].
  • C-mii provides following distinguished features. First, it comes with graphical user interfaces of well-defined pipelines for both miRNA and target identifications with reliable results. Second, it provides a set of filters allowing users to reduce the number of results corresponding to the recently proposed constraints in plant miRNA and target biogenesis. Third, it extends the standard computational steps of miRNA target identification with miRNA-target folding module and GO annotation. Fourth, it supplies the bird eye views of the identification results with info-graphics and grouping information. Fifth, it provides helper functions for database update and auto-recovery to ease system usage and maintenance. Finally, it supports the multi-project and multi-thread management to improve the computational speed.
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